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The Route 

The Escape Committee will be travelling from RAF Biggin Hill. across the water to France, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Switzerland. We have added maps and a day to day run down of where we are going and what we will be getting up to. Keep checking, as we will be adding more detail as the planning continues.


Friday 3rd June 2011

Assemble in Medway area, possibly Royal Engineer barracks, for overnight accommodation and final bike and vehicle checks


Day 1
SATURDAY 4th JUNE. Biggin Hill - Eindhoven.

Early start to former RAF BIGGIN HILL  Arrive 06.30 to begin filming, pre ride interviews , practice formation riding on riding Then 08;00hrs the scramble bell will be rung and we are off, expect to leave the airfield at 08:20hrs via main gate. Media coverage and escort riders through Kent to the Battle of Britain Memorial at Capel le Ferne - photographs. Spitfire Flypast. Then on to Dover port, board ferry ( “ Norfolk Line “) to Dunkirk.  Via coast road towards Antwerp, then via back roads to overnight stop with the Dutch Air Force in Eindhoven, Holland.    
Approx 164 miles. 6:00 hours

Day 2 
SUNDAY 5th JUNE. Einhoven - Arnhem.

To follow the route of Operation Market Garden,  Eindhoven, Son, St Oedenrode, Grave, Nijmegen then to stay Arnhem. We will have the support of WWII enthusiasts who will escort us in their genuine WWII vehicles and give us a guide up the original route, stopping at places of interest. We will be going over THE Arnhem Bridge ("A Bridge Too Far").
Approx  250 miles. 7:00 hours

Day 3
MONDAY 6th JUNE. Arnhem - Celle.

Arnhem, then south via KOLN to Raymargen Bridge, to visit both the bridge remains and the former American prisoner of war camp , where thousands of Germans died of starvation at the end of the war. Then to Celle barracks to stay with British Army for the night.
Approx 405 miles. 9:30 hours.

Day 4 
TUESDAY 7th JUNE. Celle - Barth.

Celle  , Kassel, Wolfsburg, cross country to Schwerin, Rostock to Barth. This is the site of former Stalag Luft 1, many of the prisoners at Stalag Luft 111 were transferred from this camp due to continued escape attempts even though it was built on sand. This is where the former prisoners honed their tunneling skills. This is a long day, so we expect evening arrival to accommodation.
Approx 190 miles. 5:30 hrs

Day 5
WEDNESDAY 8th JUNE. Barth - Berlin.

Look around the former site of Stalag Luft 1, then quick run down to Berlin, and guided tour around the city and visit the site of the former Gestapo Headquarters and other places of interest. Guests of the German Army for the night.
Approx 156 miles. 4 hrs.

Hut 104 today







Day 6
THURSDAY 9th JUNE. Berlin - Zagan.

Berlin over the border to Zagan, taking the back roads. We will be staying at the camp in Hut 104 at Stalag Luft III.
Approx 127 miles. 3:30 hrs.



Day 7
10th JUNE.

Day of rest, visit the museum, Gorlitz prison and local area. Stay on former camp with possible train journey from the POZNAN, lay wreaths on 49 graves, lot of filming. Spend time at the exit to tunnel "Harry" and listen to original love letters sent by Thomas Kirby-Green to his wife whilst a POW and on the day of the escape. These will be read by his son, Colin who will be our guest for the trip. Sleep in Hut 104

Day 8

Stay in Poland explore local area by using copies of the Escape maps, filming with local dignitaries.
Sleep again in Hut 104.

Day 9
SUNDAY 12th JUNE. Zagan - Colditz.

Move on via DRESDEN, visit memorial, lay flowers etc at the cathedral. To pay our respects as Peter's father was on the famous fire storm raid to this city. Then onto Colditz Castle where two of the prisoner went. Stay at Castle and have private exclusive tour of behind the scenes.
Approx  207 miles. 6:30 hrs.

Day 10
MONDAY 13th JUNE. Colditz - Berchetsgaten.

Colditz Castle to Berchetsgarten and stop overnight at the former SS Barracks. This is near to Salzburg
Approx 320 miles. 9:30 hrs.


Day 11
TUESDAY 14th JUNE. Berchetsgaten - Kaunertal

Visit "Eagles Nest", Hitlers retreat, then onto Fussen, to see the site of where Steve McQueen did his famous jump, photos etc, stay in local area.
We are trying to find the location where these photo's of Steve McQueen was taken near Fosse, as we would like to have our photo's taken there. Can anyone help us??

Approx 220 miles. 6:00 hrs.

Day 12
WEDNESDAY 15th JUNE. Kaunertal - Freidrichshafen

From Fussen we then travel South to the Stelvio Pass ( Italy) this is a stunning road, then through to Freidrichshafen, about 300 miles
Approx 171 miles. 4:50 hrs


Day 13
THURSDAY 16th JUNE. Freidrichshafen - Trier.

Freidrichshafen  then to Southern Black forest, Freiburg, Strasbourg , Saarbrucken
(Rogers final destination) Trier.
Approx 250 miles. 7:30 hrs.

Day 14
FRIDAY 17th JUNE. Trier - Ypres.

Trier cross country to Arden Forest, Mons and then Ypres to participate in the ceremony of the Last Post at the Menin Gate at 8pm. We will be laying a wreath here. Local accommodation.
Approx 255 miles. 9:00 hrs.

Day 15
SATURDAY 18th JUNE. Ypres - Chatham.

Catch ferry then arrive around 1 pm at Chatham, for a reception at the Royal Engineers Museum. There will be a band and press at the reception. The team will be staying nearby to enjoy a well earned rest!
Approx 141 miles. 5:17 hrs incl ferry.




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